Pumpking Carving Meeting!


Next Meeting Wednesday at 6pm in the LSCC!


The Latin American Student Organization is a socio-cultural based student organization established in 1988 at Northeastern University.


We strive to advance our culture and preserve our identity through continuous innovation, developing leaders, and getting involved in the community.


LASO is the familia of present and future leaders that unites students to make a difference at Northeastern and within the community. The organization adds value to the quality of student life and the greater community by providing a truly unique and memorable experience.


What LASO brings to the campus is not only social and cultural diversity, but also educational and professional variety, as well. We are involved in and promote areas of activism, advocacy, mentorship, race relations, inclusiveness, community service, leadership, and history. LASO constantly provides quality projects, discussions, and events that contribute to the college experience of students at Northeastern.



Join us at our weekly meetings every Wednesday at 6pm!

They are held at the Latino/a Student Cultural Center!

104 Forsyth Street, Boston, MA